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Fair Traded Teas

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Drinking tea has many health benefits

Orgaic Chimomile-Fair Trade

Nighty Night

 Ginger-Fair Trade 

 Throat Coat

 Throat Coat

Hibiscus - Fair Trade

Mobile Friendly

Green Tea - Fair trade

 .Serving Tips: Use 1 heaping teaspoon for 500ml of boiling water. Let it steep for 4 minutes. One secret for this tea is to brew it twice. Traditionally, the first "rinse" is for the kids, the second is for the guests.

Earl Gray Tea - Fair Trade

Serving Tips: Use 1 heaping tablespoon for 500ml of boiling water. Brew it a little stronger to enjoy with milk and sugar. 

Tulsi Tea - Fair trade

Serving Tips: This tulsi blend is best enjoyed when steeped for 5-7 minutes. During that time frame, the sweetness from the true cinnamon and stevia is released, while allowing the weight of the tulsi and green tea to balance the cup.

Maritme Breakfast Tea

 This stimulating blend is the perfect tea for any time of the day.  It is not too strong, yet impresses with a nice flowery taste that doesn't need milk or sugar.