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 We meet on the third Saturday at 5 pm
 225-7th Ave Kamloops BC

Local  Water Issues

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Water is a human right for all

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Climate action in Kamloops

Say no To the expansion of the
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 Will corporations decide our climate future? Or will it be people and communities? We can weave a Green New Deal together by winning municipal resolutions from coast-to-coast-to-coast. Will you join us?

Help win a Green New Deal by turning your community into a Green New Deal Community. Together, we can build a Green New Deal from the ground up.

You can use this Organizing Guide to raise awareness in your community and build support for a Green New Deal. This guide contains everything you need for your local city or town council or school board to pass a resolution in support of a Green New Deal.


In 2016, Canadians spent $30 billion to fill more than 600 million prescriptions. That’s more than four times what we spent on prescriptions 20 years ago. Drug prices are skyrocketing for Canadians and more people have to choose between getting the medications they need and paying for their rent or for food.

A publicly funded, universal drug coverage program – also known as pharmacare – would provide all Canadians with access to the prescription medicines they need. People would be healthier and many would no longer have the economic burden of paying for medications out-of-pocket. Canadian employers would also benefit by not having to include expensive drug plans in employees’ benefit packages.

Right now, Canada is the only country with a public health care plan not to include prescription drug coverage. The Council of Canadians is trying to change that.


 The Council of Canadians believes trade agreements should be made by and for people, not corporations. We campaign to make trade deals fair, and trade policy open and democratic.


 Proportional representation will ensure that future elections are more democratic than our outdated first-past-the-post voting system. It will provide a fairer representation of votes cast and prevent a governing party from holding total power after gaining only a small percentage of the popular vote.

The Council of Canadians supports proportional representation and calls on the federal government to begin immediate public consultations so a new voting system can be in place before the next federal election.


Council of Canadians Kamloops Chapter